Finally, a modern antivenom produced in a laboratory. 

  • Broad-spectrum- works for all medically-relevant species in the region
  • Safe-  low immunogenicity means no side effects 
  • Effective- 100% of our antivenom targets the clinically-relevant toxins in snake venom
  • Portable- thermal stability allows our antivenom to be taken into the field for the first time ever
  • Scalable- manufactured at scale using microbial fermentation

Our approach uses recombinant antibody fragments that target the clinically-significant toxins in snake venom.

We are planning to release four iterations of Vipax™ for the regions of Asia, Africa, South America, and the U.S.

Bacterial Anti-toxins

We are also applying our technology to the development of novel bacterial anti-toxins.

We are targeting antibiotic resistant strains (ie. MRSA) as well as those of interest to biodefense (ie. Anthrax). By targeting the toxins secreted by bacteria we remove the impetus for the bacteria to evolve, thus circumventing antibiotic resistance.