Defying "the norm" and creating a path to a better future for patients.  


Dan Dempsey

Founder & CEO

Dan has experience managing therapeutic antibody projects from preclinical stage through clinical trials. He witnessed first-hand the issues surrounding today's antivenom and decided to act.



Deepankar Roy, PhD

Co-Founder & COO

Background in drug development and manufacturing, project management, and business development. Experience in Pharmaceutical space in local and global markets.

Phil Tan, PhD

Director of Scientific Research

Phil has over 15 years of industry experience, and the expertise to use our innovative platform to discover and develop better therapies for snake venoms and other toxins.

Mads Riegel

Director of Business Development

Mads is equipped with two degrees, Computer Science and Financial Math. He has experience from previous startups along with his family business in Norway. Mads administers business development, company regulations, and financial metrics.

Investors & partners