We are committed to developing and bringing to market next generation antitoxins to make treatment safe, effective, and available around the world.

The first market we are addressing is the large ($1B) and highly underserved snake antivenom market. 

Conventional antivenom is made the same way it was made over a century ago! Venom milked from a snake is repeatedly injected into a horse which builds immunity and the antibodies are eventually purified from the blood of the horse. 

This results in conventional antivenom with the following issues:

  • Low potency- less than 5% of antibodies are specific to venom toxins
  • Side effects- horse antibodies create dangerous side effects in human patients
  • Unreliable- difficult production process requires animals and has low batch-to-batch consistency
  • Limited treatment- works only for a small range of snake species


Here at Venomyx we believe it's time for a change.


Watch CEO Dan Dempsey pitch at IndieBio Demo Day